The Journal of Sports Psychology, by publishing applied articles in the field of quantitative and qualitative research from the range of case, experimental, descriptive, and survey studies with the approach of championship, professional, public and educational sports, intends to help emerging science in this the field and share the findings of researchers with the sports community. Therefore, with the mentioned approaches, an attempt will be made to publish the original research articles (Original Research Articles) that have not been published in other journals before and make them available to the interested parties and users.

The Journal of Sports Psychology is Peer Review Journal, published bi-quarterly and will assign the priority of evaluating, reviewing and publishing to papers that are included in the following topics:

  • Applied sports psychology
  • Psychology of performance
  • Basic studies on theoretical foundations and modeling in sports psychology
  • Problems on cognition, psychology and physical activity in different strata of society
  • Construction and standardization of new tools in sports psychology
  • Normalization of factors on mental preparation in public and heroism
  • Public sports and its promotion in society